Upload to Kiosk is a free app for Android devices, and is available the Google Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jdroidcoder.ua.uploadtokiosk

With this app users can easily transfer photos from a mobile device to a compatible APM Photo Kiosk to order prints or for use in photo books, cards, calendars, and many more products.

To use: Simply run the app and select the photos you would like to use. Once the photos are uploaded you’ll receive a unique Claim Code which can be entered at the in-store photo kiosk to retrieve your photos for ordering right there on the kiosk. Once you upload your photos, you will have 6 hours to claim them at any APM kiosk — which means you can do this step before you even arrive at the store.

Notes: Users on Apple or Android devices, or even from a desktop, may also use uploadtokiosk.com for the same functionality. However, the multi-select browser issues seen on Android are at the OS and manufacturer level so we have no control over them, which is why we developed the Android app so we would have more control and could provide a better experience. Apple does not have that browser/multi-select issue. Users of our Pocket Pics iPhone/iPad app may also access the same functionality from within a retailer’s custom iPhone app. 

Google Play

1.1 (8/23/2018)

  • Added a tip for selecting multiple photos from the Gallery / Images source
  • Improved the legibility of the Claim Code
  • Improved file filtering so that only JPEG photos are selected
  • Fixed a crashing bug affecting Android 9 (“Pie”)

1.0 (8/16/2018)

  • Initial release