myLab Rev #42095 (2/28/18)

  • Product Details – Fix for issue where the quotes character in personalization options was preventing display in myLab
  • Product Pricing – Adjusting the price now sets the multi-copy price to $0
  • Product Catalog – Fix to product catalog display so that long category names no longer distort the table display

myLab Rev #41851 (1/24/18)

  • Product names are now directly editable on the Pricing page (Store Management > Product Pricing).
  • For event photography / proofing gallery sites, when an operator clicks on the “View Event” button on the Events page in myLab, there’s now a popup that gives them the full, SEO-friendly URL for their event which they can use to post to social media, email to clients, etc.
  • The Order Rush Fee (if applicable) is now displayed on myLab, along with a “RUSH” stamp on the order details page.