myLab (03/27/21)

  • [NEW] – Set Other Status. On the Order Details page, along with the existing Complete Order and Cancel Order buttons, there is a new “Set Other Status” button. This gives the operator access to set the order to the full array of available states, presented in a list with name and description. An option to control the handling of individual order line item statuses is also provided.

New Set Order Status popup

  • [NEW] – Orders that get stuck in the “Kiosk Processing Failed” state, will now present the operator with options on the Order Details page to retry the order processing again in pfRouter on the kiosk, or push the order through without the missing photos, as indicated.

  • [NEW] – Revamped Product Tags page drops initial loading time from over 10 minutes to under 10 seconds.
  • [NEW] – The Add Products popup now also accepts Supplier Name as a search criteria to find products.
  • [FIXED] – It is no longer possible to make a category it’s own parent using the “Parent Category” dropdown list on the Category Details page. Accidentally doing so was a guaranteed way to blow up your website.
  • [FIXED] – Changing the sort order of Print categories, when they are a subcategory rather than in the root, has been fixed.
  • [FIXED] – Sorting the Add Products popup by Fulfillment (i.e. supplier) column now works.
  • [FIXED] – The confirmation dialog when removing a product from a product tag is no longer cut off.
  • [FIXED] – Errors that could cause the Product Pricing page to fail to load have been resolved.

myLab (03/01/21)

  • [NEW] – New “Order History” section on the Order Details page shows the full history of an order’s status changes.
  • [NEW] – Full support for displaying thumbnails & photos for an order with crop-on-demand enabled.
  • [NEW] – A dealer’s Tier Level for subscription bundles is now displayed on the dashboard.  Tiers are recalculated monthly based on a rolling two-month average of total PF platform sales.
  • [NEW] – The recommended resolution for kiosk banner slides is now shown when a dealer is uploading a custom graphic.
  • [NEW] – When routing an order to another Print 50 / Lab 50  station from myLab, there is now an option to reset the order status to “New” so that it will be easier to identify on the new station.
  • [FIXED] – The Kiosk ID and Kiosk Version can now be displayed on the Order Details page for orders that have not yet been fully processed, rather than displaying “Unknown”.
  • [FIXED] – The Order Details page will no longer display an “Oops” error if you are looking at an order that has been placed, but has not been fully processed by the order processing component.
  • [FIXED] – If a Kiosk ID has never checked in, the PF Kiosk Licenses page table will now display a blank cell in the “Last Check In” field rather than a date in the very-far past.
  • [FIXED] – The obsolete “APM Licenses” and “APM Rentals” sections has been removed from the myLab Dashboard page.

myLab (09/16/20)

  • [FIXED] – Adding or editing a Price Tier for a product will no longer result in an error message.

myLab (09/11/20)

  • [NEW] – Added display of DIY Studio Bundle subscription on the Dashboard page.
  • [NEW] – Expanded the “Software Releases” node in Store Management to be “Software & Downloads”, the go-to source for marketing kits and outlab info.