Lab 50 / Print 50 Production Software

Lab 50 workflow, production and website configuration software connects your kiosks and website and controls your workflow and sends jobs to printers. It enables set up of kiosk and website membership plans and direct website configuration. The software also enables you to efficiently manage orders and send them to any brand or type of printer.

Lab 50 is lab workflow, production and management software for retailers running PF kiosks and PF web. Lab 50 pulls orders from the retailer’s kiosk fleet and website and queues them up for order fulfillment and printing. It allows lab operators to efficiently manage orders, reprint and color correct as necessary and sends orders to virtually any brand or type of printer. Lab 50 serves as the admin tool for set up of kiosk and website membership plans and pricing and direct Photo Finale website configuration. Through Lab 50, retailers can run sales and customer reports, charge payment, create invoices, manage promotions and coupon codes and configure client communication emails.

Why every lab needs Lab 50:

  • Change an order on the fly
  • Search orders by name, product, order number
  • Reprint a whole order or just part of a product
  • Drag and drop orders and images out of Lab 50 and to another location
  • Contains all the latest printer interface drivers and updates

Lab 50 is unlike any other management software because of its flexibility and reach.  It pushes the envelope on what is normally included in standard admin control panel and puts features and functions that retailers need most in one application. Retailers don’t need different pieces of software to control different parts of the business, Photo Finale has included functionally that retailers need all in one convenient package.  This merging of a variety of functionality makes Lab 50 a robust and powerful piece of software, from which just about every part of the digital imaging retailer’s production and operations can be controlled.

Competitors offer admin tools or reports, but none have as detailed a level of control over so many aspects of the business as does Lab 50.  For example, retailers can set up single use coupon codes, add a new product to their photo website, edit a typo in a customer’s photo book, create a new member incentive or reprint a page from a photo book order, all from Lab 50.  Lab 50 is the central command for a retailer’s digital imaging business.

Lab 50’s users are the business owner, webmaster, IT department and store personnel. The software allows different areas of access and rights for different user types, so whether the retailer is an independent shop where all these job functions fall to one person or a nationwide chain where access needs to be restricted based on user type, Lab 50 plays a central role in allowing its users to control production efficiently, configure order-taking devices, run sales reports or establish marketing initiatives.  Multiple copies of Lab 50 can be run per retailer.  This means production has a copy running to control workflow, while the lab manager has a copy running in the office to run sales reports and the webmaster has a copy running to configure web settings and online product offerings.  Everyone has control of the piece they need.

myLab Management Website is an online customer service and admin portal. myLab features:

Time to Complete. For orders printed in a store, this is the time between the order being placed by the customer and the order being downloaded to the store and the store operator hitting the Print button.

Product Summary. There is a new Product Summary section which shows an overall count of each product type ordered, so you don’t have to manually count line items.

Payment Details. The Payment section will now identify what type of transaction each record is (authorization, capture or refund), along with displaying a timestamp of when the transaction occurred. (Note, when searching for an order in Litle’s portal, always use the Vendor Transaction # of the “authorization” transaction (i.e. 16167) for your search criteria.)

Order Photos. Clicking on any line item in the Products section will show you a thumbnail of the photo. Clicking on the thumbnail will provide you access to the original image (what will be downloaded by Lab 50 for printing).

Notes. Notes can be added to three different types of objects: Customers, Orders, and Store Locations. Notes consist of a contact name and message, and are automatically time stamped. Notes are displayed within a new “Notes” tab on each of the respective pages, and are shown in reverse chronological order with the newest notes on top. Notes can be “deleted”, by hitting the “X” button, but are kept on display (with strikeout formatting) to maintain a full event history and ensure accountability.

Customer Details Link. From the Order Details page, in the billing information section, the customer’s email address is now a link that will take you to their Customer Details page.

Address Editing. There are new “Edit” buttons that allow you to edit the Ship To and Bill To information for an order.

Discount Details. There is a new Discounts section on the Order Details page that lists the order-level discounts applied to a given order, and whether they were result of a promo code the customer entered (vs. an automatic promotion or a discount card). In the Products section, if you hover over the Discount amount for a given line item, the source of the discount(s) will be displayed as a tooltip. Note: Quantity price tier discounts are shown as “Other Adjustments.”

Complete This Order. There is now a button to mark an order as “completed”, along with the existing “Cancel This Order” button.

Store Location Sorting. The list of store locations displayed on the “Route Order” dialog is now sorted by Store Number to make them easier to find.