iPhone/iPad Ordering App Change Log

2018-02-08T10:18:41+00:00February 6th, 2018|Mobile, Release Notes|

Consumers download this free ordering app on the Apple App Store and create an account, order, upload and share images stored on their phone, or access photos they have stored on your Photo Finale or Foto Depot site.  More info.

iOS (App Store)

4.2.0 (started 2/8/2018, automatic for 4.x apps)

  • Full-screen support for the beautiful iPhone X
  • Bug fixes

4.1.1/4.1.2 (10/6/2017, automatic for 4.x apps)

  • Valid promo codes are no longer rejected by the app
  • Promo codes with a criteria that customers be logged-in members now work successfully in the app
  • Fixed crashes for devices set to Français (CA) with 24-Hour Time turned off
  • Fixed order number display for creative orders
  • Updated French and Spanish localizations
  • Note: 4.1.2 versions are 4.1.1 versions for dealers who wanted to change the icon/branding

4.1.0 (9/19/2017, automatic for 4.x apps)

  • iOS 11 support. HEIF photos, the new, default image format for iOS 11 are now automatically transcoded prior to upload.
    New “Upload to Kiosk” feature, a universal, wireless method for transferring photos from an iOS device to an APM kiosk for ordering. This feature will become active once APM v10.0 is released and installed on your kiosks.
  • Improved error handling. Errors communicating with the API no longer cause the app to silently fail; customers are notified and given specific error descriptions and error numbers to help resolve the issue.
  • Orders placed using the “Order Creative Products” feature in the app are now tagged with a source of “Pocket Pics Creative” rather than “Mobile Web”, for better analytics.
  • Fixed an issue in iOS 11 that could cause the header panel size to increase on the “Order Creative Products” screen.

4.0.0 (7/2017, opt-in paid upgrade)

  • Order Creative Products!  In addition to our great prints of all sizes, you can now order cards, books, gifts, and other unique products customized with your photos and text. We have hundreds of plain and themed products to choose from.
  • New Built-in Photo Editing Tools. You can now edit your photos right in the app using the powerful and popular Adobe Creative Cloud Editor.  Explore the 27 editing tools, 76 image filters, 218 stickers, 60 frames, and 90 overlays and unleash your creativity!  Or at least remove blemishes, whiten teeth, add a vignette, create a meme, colorize, crop, adjust color…

3.9.1 (5/2017, automatic for all apps)

  • Now you can review and crop your photos during checkout
  • Portrait photos are now automatically rotated during upload
  • Integrated 1Password extension for sign in
  • Bug fixes, including the top five crashing bugs

3.8.5 & 3.8.6 (10/2016, automatic for all 2.x and 3.x apps)

  • Even faster uploads
  • Support for IPv6 networks
  • Improved French translations
  • More bug fixes

3.8.3 (06/2016, automatic for all 3.x apps)

  • Guest ordering support; you no longer have to sign up for an account to place an order!
  • Limits the number of photos fetched from iCloud simultaneously to improve reliability and performance
  • Ensures store locations are sorted by distance
  • Improved stored selection when Location Services permission hasn’t been granted
  • Support for promo codes during checkout

3.8.1 (05/2016, automatic for all 3.x apps)

  • Support for iCloud Photo Library (and photos are uploaded with their original file name)
  • Faster & more-reliable uploads
  • Resolved several bugs that were causing crashes
  • Updated to our latest API for enhanced security
  • Change to prevent your device from falling asleep during an upload
  • Various UI tweaks and bug fixes throughout

3.8.0 (04/2016, limited release, not available to all apps)

  • Support for iCloud Photo Library
  • Faster & more-reliable uploads
  • Various bug fixes throughout

3.7.0/3.7.1 (12/2015, automatic for all 3.x apps)

  • Fixed iOS 9 compatibility bug that prevented ordering prints of photos on your device
  • Fixed iOS 9 compatibility bug with the credit card scanning library

3.5.x / 3.6.x (06/2015, automatic for all 3.x apps)

  • Brand new, streamlined UI
  • Faster and more resilient photo uploads
  • Bug fixes and performance tweaks
3.3.x (5/2016, automatic for all 3.x apps)
  • Fixed an issue with the photo uploader
3.0.0 (11/2014, 3.0 upgrade: opt-in release only)
  • Added shipping option
  • Pay for orders in the app
  • Faster and more resilient photo uploads
  • Bug fixes and performance tweaks

2.6.x (10/2016, automatic for all 2.x apps)

  • iOS 7 compatibility

2.5.x (09/2013, automatic for all 2.x apps)

  • Added ability to upload more than 20 photos at a time
  • iPhone 5 display support
  • Improved performance
  • Filter albums by name
  • Improved store finder

2.1.x (09/2012, automatic for all 2.x apps)

  • Support for iOS 6
  • Added glossy/matte selection
  • Added bordered prints option
  • Bug fixes

2.0.x (01/2012 – 04/2012, automatic for all 2.x apps)

  • Bug fixes for uploading

2.0 (11/2011)

  • Initial release