Consumers download this free ordering app on the Apple App Store and create an account, order, upload and share images stored on their phone, or access photos they have stored on your Photo Finale or Foto Depot site. More info.

Dealers: In order to build new apps or updating existing apps, the app must be in your own Apple Developer account. If you have a new app or your app has launched but is still listed with Photo Finale Inc as the developer, you will need to enroll in the Apple Developer program and we will transfer the app to your account. Please follow the directions on this page:

iOS v6

6.5.0 (06/30/2021)

  • New waterfall photo picker UI with larger, full-aspect thumbnails and long-press support to zoom into a photo.
  • Support for Photo Finale Kiosk EasyLink Mobile Uploads.
  • Increased password security requirements for membership registrations.
  • Mapping of store locations on the Pick Up screen.
  • Display of sale pricing on the print product selection screen.
  • Subtotals automatically include active promotions.
  • Updated to latest iOS SDK
  • Fixed ability to input credit card payment details on iPad devices.
  • Fixed intermittent failure to load the requested web page when clicking on a menu tile (leading to a white screen)
  • Fixed three most-common crashes with 6.x release
  • Fixed the text link buttons on the “Place an Order” screen which were non-functional in iOS 14.
  • Hide the “Upload to Kiosk” tile automatically
  • When an order submission fails due to a payment error, the specific error message from the payment gateway is shown to the customer, rather than a generic error.
  • Removed an extraneous map pin icon that was appearing on the Checkout Summary screen
  • The Photo Count header label font color has been fixed (was black font on a black background)

iOS v5

5.2.0 (06/01/2020)

  • Fix for MOV files being included in orders occasionally
  • Fix for photo library display for users with large iCloud Photo Library collections
  • Discounted and sale pricing is now shown on the Products screen (the list of print sizes)
  • Displays the discounted subtotal on the “Order Prints” screen (the shopping cart).  Previously discounts weren’t shown until the final Order Submit screen.
  • Fix to ensure that the product list & prices are always up to date
  • Improved support for the latest version of iOS and newest iPhone models including back end updates (updating to iOS SDK 13 and Xcode 12, etc.) per Apple’s requirements
  • Additional smaller bug fixes

5.1.0/5.1.1 (09/2019)

  • Added a “forgot password” feature when logging in
  • Improved screen layouts for the newest phone sizes
  • Ensures that the product list & prices are always up to date
  • Fixed a crash affecting iOS 11 devices
  • Various additional bug fixes

5.0.0 (10/12/2018, opt-in upgrade for all apps)

New Features

  • New automatic cropping of your prints using iOS face detection to recommend the best crop for your photos
  • Revamped main menu user interface, including graphical menu tiles and logo branding

Bug Fixes & Tweaks

  • Full support for iOS 12 SDK
  • Fixed several bugs affecting the cart screen when adding additional photos or updating the quantities of existing photos
  • Resolved a bug that caused missing thumbnails for iCloud Photo Library photos which hadn’t been synced to your device yet
  • Improved the layout of the Online collections screen for 5.8″ devices and larger
  • Fixed a bug that would allow customers to submit orders as pay-in-store when prepayment should have been required in certain circumstances
  • The placeholder text shown in the shipping and billing information fields is now a different color (light grey) than actual text to make it easier to see what has been filled in
  • Fixed crashes on iPad 2 devices running iOS 9