Photo Finale 11.9.1 – 11.9.3:

Tweaks & Fixes

11.9.3 (02/28/17)

  • Customers are now navigated to the Cart page after completing the Crop & Review page when ordering prints, rather than going directly into Checkout.  This gives them better visibility into any discounts they are receiving (promotions/quantity-pricing/multi-copy pricing) as well as allowing them to “continue shopping” for additional products.
  • Fixed “too many redirects” issue when accessing a site’s homepage on a mobile phone device.  (Did not effect PFE/PFM/PFSR sites.)
  • Fixed the missing paging buttons on the Pickup/Delivery page for store search results, which prevented customers from seeing more than the first three stores.
  • Fixed the missing categories for calendars (e.g. “Starts with March”, “Starts with April”) and various other products.
  • Fixed the “Submit” button on the My Account page (/account) and relabeled it as “Save Changes”.
  • Hid the email field on the Change Password page, until full support for a user changing their email/username is finished in an upcoming release.
  • Added links to shop for creative products and search for products to the /home page which is the site homepage for non-PFE/PFM/PFSR sites when accessed on a mobile phone.
  • myLab: Fixed the “Direct URL” links shown on the Category Settings page in the Product Catalog.

11.9.2 (02/23/17)

  • Fixed password reset workflow

11.9.1 (02/22/17)

  • Fixed order confirmation page in PFKiosk mode, which was redirecting to a 404.
  • Fixed PayPal order processing which was broken in 11.9.

Photo Finale 11.9 (02/21/17):

A+ Security Grade

A+ SSL Security.  Ensuring customers’ security and privacy is a paramount responsibility for all online retailers; one which we take very seriously at Photo Finale.  Recent improvements to our platform have allowed us to achieve the premiere rating, A+, from Qualys SSL Labs’ industry-standard test suite.  We launched our HTTPS Everywhere initiative over 20 months ago in June 2015 and were proud to be the first major photo site to offer customers 100% always-on SSL protection, including all custom-domain Photo Finale sites.  We recommend that all retailers routinely test their domains at

Merchandise & Service Products

Merchandise & Service products are a new type of product, configured in the Lab 50 Product Catalog (myLab support coming later in 2017), which do not require customization by the customer in the Creative Product Builder.  The system is completely open-ended and can accommodate a wide range of products.  You have complete control to define the products/services and the categories they are in.

Some ideas include:

  • Hard goods (frames, cameras, bags, lenses, accessories)
  • Services (in-store classes, one-on-one training, professional photo sessions)
  • Digital goods (downloadable courses, digital scrapbook art).

Merchandise & Service products will appear in the shopping pages, alongside folio creative products, but once a customer selects one they bypass the style selection and builder pages and are taken directly to “Add to Cart.”  Just like any product, dealers can direct-link to merchandise products from their Umbraco pages, corporate sites, online advertising banners, email blasts, and more.