Transfer photos from your phone to a kiosk

We are really excited about our new app!  The new app allows users to select images from their phone, then transfer them wirelessly to the kiosk. No special hardware is needed. The app is a free download for your customers and is available for both Apple and Android. Users can even select the images they wish to transfer before they arrive at the store. It is easy to use and fast.

  • Available on both Apple and Android
  • Fast image transfer
  • A handy Find Stores feature
  • Use images from your Apple iCloud Photo Library or from your device
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Watch a quick demo

The app is free to download and simple to use. Customers can even select the photos before they arrive at the store. Once they pick their photos for transfer, they select and available kiosk and photos show up on the kiosk, ready for a print order or a creative product.

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