Upload To Kiosk

The EASIEST method to get photos from a user’s device to kiosk

No special app to download!

How it works: Consumer accesses uploadtokiosk.com from their phone. They can use a browser, or a button from within a custom-branded iPhone app. They select photos for transfer and hit submit. Photos go up to the website and the user is provided a code. At the kiosk, the user enters the code and sees his/her photos.

Pros:  This solution works with any device. It’s simple. Fast transfer.

Cons: To avoid cell data charges, users should sign on to the store wifi. You can configure your kiosk to display this information to the user. Some Androids only allow single photo selection. Unfortunately, this is an issue with the OS and we can’t alter how that works.

Requirements: The store needs to enable this feature in the Setup Wizard and enter in their wifi info. How to set up: https://wiki.photofinale.com/x/BICPBg

Teach your customers!

The consumer doesn’t need to be in front of the kiosk while they are selecting photos and uploading them. They can do all the photo selection and upload from home or the coffee shop next door. The code they get will be valid for 6 hours!