• Photo Finale white-label custom photo website with free storage

Photo Finale Retail Platform

Consumers today demand engagement with retailers on every front–in the physical store, online and via mobile. They want control over how they order and expect access to their account from anywhere. The Photo Finale suite of products are fully-integrated to provide consumers with this type of a seamless experience for photo ordering and storage, regardless of channel or device.

Our consumer-facing products are white-label, which means they carry your retail brand. Having cohesive solution means that your brand, and the consumer’s account, are in front of your consumer wherever they are–be it in your store, online or on their mobile device. Consumers can start an order at the kiosk and finish it later online…or upload images from a smartphone right into their online account…then pull those photos down later on the kiosk for ordering.

Custom Websites

Two site types (consumer upload or pro proofing gallery) both available in basic, upgraded or fully custom sites


Your brand, your products, your services, your communications. Your 99.9% uptime. We promise your new site will look fantastic and your customers will love it.

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APM Photo Kiosk

15 years of fine-tuning bring you the easiest and most reliable kiosk ever. (EVER!)

In-Store Ordering Station

Full of products and creative content, this kiosk will be like having an extra salesperson helping guide your customers through their photo-ordering journey.

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iPhone/iPad App

You can't beat a native Apple app for slick ordering and online account creation.

Going Mobile

Your customers will be able to download YOUR app from the App Store. Your cool points will go through the roof. And, you will get more members and more orders.

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Lab 50 & myLab

Routing orders, reprinting, running reports, communicating with customers...

Lab Operator Apps

The staff running printers, marketing campaigns and product setup will geek-out over the features and power of our backend admin tools. They may do a happy-dance.

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