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Software downloads

The APM Kiosk and Lab 50 software are delivered as exes that you download from myLab and run on your local machine.  The creative content is delivered via our Lucidiom Download download tool, also available on myLab. From within the Lucidiom Downloader, select the content package and download the .zip to your kiosk. Unzip and run the Setup.exe.

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APM Kiosk & Lab 50 Software

  • APM Kiosk: (02/07/18)
  • Lab 50 / Print 50: (11/22/17)

Photo Finale sites and myLab admin portal are web-based products that we update on a regular basis–there is nothing you need to do when we update these.

Pocket Pics App

Read all the version info and notes on our blog.

APM Content Sets

We recommend using PF@Kiosk for creative content on the kiosk. This kiosk feature allows the cloud-based content that used on your Photo Finale website to be offered on the kiosk. We have discontinued content that is installed directly on the kiosk hard drive, but the past installers (listed below) will still work.

  • APM Standard 2015.1 (full clean sweep) (4/23/15)
  • IPI MSP 2013.2 (full) (3/25/13)
  • IPI MSP 2013.3 (updater) (6/2013)
  • IPI MSP 2013.4 (updater) (10/9/13)
  • IPI MSP 2013.5 (updater) (11/2013)
  • IPI MSP 2014.1 (updater) (1/2014)
  • IPI MSP 2014.2 (updater) (4/2014)
  • IPI MSP 2014.3 (updater) (5/2014)
  • IPI MSP 2014.4 (updater) (10/2014)
  • IPI MSP 2014.5 (included in 2014.4, no separate installer)
  • IPI MSP 2014.6 (updater, not generally released, a few fixes specific to certain clients, 12/2014)
  • IPI MSP 2015.1 (updater) (3/2014)

Release notes

Read more on the blog