The ancient Greeks believed the number 7 represented perfection and plenty (hence, the ‘7’ wonders of the ancient world as opposed to the 5 or 6).  While Moore’s Law and the pace of digital innovation make it impossible to claim any technology achieves perfection, Lucidiom’s APM 7.0 software certainly comes close.  It also offers plenty of hot new customer features and retailing aides.  So, I thought it fitting for this latest version of our APM software to highlight 7 of my favorite things for you as opposed to my customary 5 top picks. 

 The 7 Wonders of APM 7.0:

  1.  Instant Uploads – We’re calling it a software feature, but for the retailer, the ability to offer this kind of connectivity is really a whole new way of doing business.  With APM 7.0 any Photo Finale Web member can simply take her media card to the APM kiosk and upload photos to her Photo Finale Web account.  Why is this so extraordinary?  Ask anyone short on time. 
  2. Instant uploads reduce the frustration consumers face at home of long upload times and difficulty getting photos from their cameras onto their computer. 

    [Read more in this post.]  The in-store upload capability of APM 7.0 also provides an immediate new revenue stream for stores and drives future online revenue by promoting ‘social picturing’ – online sharing and ordering. 

  3. Photo Finale Web Downloads – APM 7.0 brings the in-store and Web experience full circle by also allowing customers to access their online photos from the APM for an in-store order.  When your customers are at the kiosk, they can now tap into their online photo collections from their Photo Finale web account. Their selected collection will be downloaded to the kiosk and then they can use the photos for in-store ordering. Plus, they can load photos from multiple sources for the same order — combine photos from various media cards, online collections, flatbed scanner, and Bluetooth or Infrared device.
  4. Redesigned Product Finder & New Style Previews To help customers navigate the ever-growing breadth of photo expression options and find the perfect product for their occasion, APM 7.0 introduces a completely redesigned Product Finder.  Products are grouped by type and size, making it easier for customers to hone in on exactly what they want.  Four retailer-configurable “featured” product spots – one of which can even be an automatically-rotating seasonal selection – allow you to highlight top sellers and really catch the customers’ attention. The new “Browse By Occasion” tab lets customers quickly find products that match their needs — a birthday party, new baby, weddings, etc. While browsing products, customers can jump back to any point using the breadcrumb icons to change their selections. Plus, style previews three times larger than before give customers a large and clear preview of each kiosk product and provide a good sense of each product theme as they browse.
  5. Upsell Recommendation Screen – Another key innovation in APM 7.0 is a brand new product recommendation up-sell engine.  No more, “I didn’t know you did those!,” excuses… the kiosk now puts products right in front of your customers.  At the end of each order, they are presented with targeted products based on Lucidiom’s extensive database of historical kiosk sales data, powered by the APM Network.  For example, customers ordering a greeting card might be prompted to purchase a photo envelope, a set of thank you note cards and custom notepads, all in matching designs.  If one or more suggested products are selected, the APM will help you create them in a flash by defaulting to a similar theme and using the same collection of photos to produce the new product.
  6.  Multi-select – Gone are the days of hunting and pecking when it comes to selecting photos and print sizes.  In APM 7.0 customers now can select photos one by one or row by row.  Then they select the size and that size is added to each photo.
  7. Filtering / Sorting – We all know digital customers often complain of photo overload.  APM 7.0 allows them to now easily find the photos they want to order by filtering images by date range or by folder. Images also can be sorted by date (newest/oldest) or name.
  8. Photo Archive on DVD Cinema – This great product is made even better in APM 7.0. The DVD Cinema product now includes an archive folder on the disc with a copy of all the JPEGs, so the DVD can be used at the kiosk to reorder prints, as well as in a DVD player.  Encourage your customers to enjoy the movie; then use the same DVD to order prints from the kiosk.
  9. As with all Lucidiom products, APM 7.0 is flexible, open and brand neutral.  Your brand is front and center and the technology works with legacy equipment and third-party printers.  Those are all the original wonders of Lucidiom.  We’re delighted to continue innovating new software and services that allow you to focus on your top priority – the customer.

(Posted by Steve Jr)