Get the word out to customers that the Pocket Pics app is now available!  With this app, your customers can now sync the collections they have on your Photo Finale site to their iPhone or iPod Touch in a snap.  Customers can subscribe to their own photo feeds or keep up to date with friends and subscribe to theirs.  Any time new pictures are added to the collections, they’ll automatically show up on the phone.

Demo video:


Pocket Pics lets your customers:

  • Subscribe to online Pocket Pics-compatible photo feeds generated on your PF site
  • View shared photos directly on the iPhone (or iPod Touch)
  • Keep track of which photos have been viewed and which are new
  • Share photo collections via email
  • Save photos to the phone’s library

This app is now available on the iTunes store or from the Feeds page of any Photo Finale account.

We know you are going to ask, so I’ll tell you now–this is version 1…we do have plans for additional functionality (such as sending iPhone pics from phone to PF account and also for ordering from the phone).

Marketing Idea: Create an account with an album of specials, ads, info, etc. and make a feed for it…distribute the ID number for it to customers as a way for you to communicate to them, and a way for them to stay connected to you!

(posted by Rachel)