We just updated all Photo Finale sites to version 9.3, which includes these changes:

  • We have improved the PhotoViewer page layout with a new sidebar toolbar for photo editing and metadata.

PhotoViewer Sidepanel

  • We have added an unsubscribe page (/unsubscribe) that allows users to remove themselves from future emails sent via Lab 50.  This page can also be linked to by dealers with an email address specified, e.g. http://demo.photofinale.com/unsubscribe?email=bob@smith.com, so using the macros in the email setup, the unsubscribe link (an email best practice) could be included at the bottom of emails.
  • We have enhanced the resolution warning to indicate how much smaller a given a photo is than the recommended size.

Resolution Warning

  • We have added a new “/signin” page which dealers can link to from their own sites, social posts and emails (e.g. http://demo.photofinale.com/signin).  For customers who are already signed in (via “Remember Me”) the page will automatically redirect them straight to their photo collections.  Non logged-in members can sign into their account or sign up for a new one. Dealers can also add an optional “redirect” parameter to the URL to control where a user is sent after they’ve logged in, (e.g. http://demo.photofinale.com/signin?redirect=shop/photo-books).
  • Hovering over a photo thumbnail in the library panel of the Creative Product Builder will now display a large, “instant preview” of the photo to help customers choose the right pic for their project.


  • Sharing a collection via email now shares just the specific collection, and not the user’s entire public library.
  • The “Copy Project” feature on the “My Projects” page has been fixed.
  • Deleting a page in a creative project no longer changes the z-order (layering) of photo spots on other pages.
  • Deleting a photo from a collection now removes any prints that had been ordered for that photo from the cart.
  • The “My Projects” link in the header is now hidden for sites that do not offer creative products.
  • We resolved an error that was occurring when trying to empty the cart after coming back from PayPal.
  • When deleting a photo that had been set as the background, the background is now reset to the proper color when only one background is available (e.g. “Black Book” style).
  • We have fixed the Dealer Finder search functionality for fotodepot.ca sites.

Coming Soon!

  • The unsubscribe functionality is being added in preparation for marketing email triggers, which we will be adding to your Lab 50 soon!
  • As well, we are working on an exporter for iPhoto…customized per retailer to allow your Mac users a slick way to get their photos (even maintaining the filtered sets) into Photo Finale.