Photo Finale 8.5.3 Release Notes

2015-07-13T13:12:03+00:00June 14th, 2012|Photo Finale, Release Notes|
We updated all Photo Finale sites this morning with a new release!  The features and fixes you will see are:
  • Totally revamped messaging engine in the Product Builder to improve project saving reliability and error handling.
  • Added a “Fit-to-Page” cropping option.  Let your customers know > This is a great way to print square format pictures (like those from Instagram and Hipstamatic!) on regular print size paper.  (Requires Lab 50 8.0 for production.)
  • As users change layouts for a page in their project, any formatting they have applied to text spots (font, size, color, alignment) will be maintained.
  • Projects that are attached to product categories which have been disabled/deleted, should now still be able to be added to the cart if the product is still available on the site in a different category.
  • Improved memory management in the Product Builder.
  • Updated maximum size allowed for project data, so that customer with a 50-page book with 500+ photos in it will no longer experience issues.
  • Fix: Google Analytics e-commerce tracking broken in 8.5.1 is now fixed.
  • Fix:  Text now shows on pages in the thumbnail view in all circumstances.
  • Fix: Panning changes are now saved after making border changes.
  • Fix: Autofill now uses photos from all Collections specified.