Photo Finale 8.5.2 was released this morning and includes:

  • PicMonkey.  We’ve added a 2nd photo editing option!  PicMonkey is an offshoot from a few former Picnik employees.  The two editors complement each other well.  While Aviary is incredibly easy and fast for quick edits (auto-corrects, red-eye, popular filters, cropping, etc.), PicMonkey offers a wide array of creative and advanced options that were available in Picnik.
  • Saving Projects.  Update to the project update process to prevent issues experienced by some customers of their most recent “saves” not being recorded.
  • Project Rendering.  Improvements to cases where after zooming/panning a photo the rendered output would occasionally not exactly match the in-browser display.
  • Additional Page Pricing.  Additional page pricing now works correctly with photo books that have price tiers set.
  • Image Unavailable.  Fixed missing thumbnails (replaced by “Image Unavailable”) for some customers.  (Original photos were intact.)
  • Aviary.  Fixed a refresh problem affecting guest users who chose to “replace” a photo in Aviary.
  • Shift-Select.  Fixed a problem where using the shift-key to select a range of photos would intermittently skip some photos, if used immediately following a photo upload session.