We will be pushing out a new version of Photo Finale tomorrow morning.  Here are the changes you will see:

Photo Finale Release •  27 January 2012

New Features/Improvements:

  • New “My Projects” page with support for customer-entered names and descriptions per-project, and a Copy Project feature.
  • Redesigned “Review Your Photos” page, focuses customer on only photos that require cropping, allows for filtering by status, product and orientation, and supports thumbnail zooming.
  • Revamped Photo Browser & Photo Viewer pages with a cleaner, sleeker look and feel, better consistency throughout, and improved load speeds for accounts with many collections.
  • Improvements to the Style Selection page to load style preview thumbnails faster and adjust the workflow so customers always see a full-size preview of their style before selecting it.
  • All text fields in creative products are now free-form, allowing them to be resized and repositioned as need by the customer.
  • Support for drag and drop in the Upload Photos dialog.
  • Automatic redirection of iPhone/ iPad / iPod Touch users to the iTunes App Store for dealers with a custom-branded Pocket Pics app.
  • New infrastructure to allow Folio Content changes (uploading updates to existing styles) that remove previously linked backgrounds and/or layouts, while still preserving the items for customers with saved projects utilizing them.
  • Labs utilizing online payment processing can now choose between Deferred Capture, the existing method where payments are “authorized” when the customer submits their order online and captured later after fulfillment, or a new Authorize & Capture method that captures the payment immediately as the order is placed.
  • A number of smaller fixes and tweaks.
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