Photo Finale v12.2.1 (20 September 2017)

12.2.1 Features & Changes

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing PayPal payments from working for guest customers.
  • Resolved a Javascript problem that prevented PicMonkey from loading properly.
  • Added an informational popup to explain that PicMonkey has renamed their “Save” button as “Export”
  • Fixed a problem where an event-level password could be bypassed when using the direct link for that event, rather than selecting it from the /events page.
  • Customers on sites that are configured with PayPal as the only payment method will no longer get stuck when attempting to submit a free order.
  • Resolved an issue when a “redirect” parameter is passed to the the /signin page that was causing guest -> member content transfer to be bypassed.
  • Code reorganization for easier sharing between projects and continued migration of pages to TypeScript.
  • Content transfer when a guest user logs into their account with photos, projects or cart items saved.
  • Fix for direct links to specific print categories that was not working.

Photo Finale v12.2 (29 August 2017)

12.2 Features & Changes

  • Improved the photo resolution shown on the single photo view of the Prints page — 3x the previous pixel count, with an even higher resolution used for proofing gallery sites (10x).
  • Added support for selecting multiple photos for upload on Android devices running Android Browser v5+, Chrome Mobile v49+, or Opera Mobile v39+.  Android OS requires users to tap and hold to select multiple files.
  • Fixed an error with adding additional pages to photo book projects.
  • Fixed a user interface issue in the Creative Product Builder that prevented rotation of photo spots from working.
  • Resolved a payment problem when signing up for a paid membership plan.
  • Added web support for orders placed via the “Order Creative Products” feature in Pocket Pics to be attributed to the app, once the next app update releases.
  • Handle the situation when a customer has paid with PayPal and the order doesn’t get submitted automatically upon return from PayPal to the site, but the customer couldn’t manually submit the order because the site did not recognize that payment had been made.
  • Google Analytics ecommerce transaction events are no longer missed when a customer uses PayPal as their payment method.
  • Tokenized the order number on the order confirmation page URL for enhanced security.
  • Fixed a “transition prevented” error message that could occur on mobile devices when using the autofill feature in the Creative Product Builder.
  • Corrected a bug on the Upload page which prevented the page from loading if the user’s previous upload speed configuration was no longer an available option.
  • Fixed a bug with the “Tax on Top” setting in the Tax Rules configuration.

Photo Finale v12.1 (23 June 2017)

12.1 Features & Changes

  • Updated dozens of external libraries to their latest versions for improved performance, stability and compatibility.
  • Upgraded Facebook integration (photo access and “Sign in with Facebook”) to support the latest version of the Facebook API (v2.9), required for new apps.
  • It is now possible to change the personalization text or selected option after you have added a project to your cart and return to edit it.
  • Fixed possible JavaScript error when a customer would create their first collection.
  • Improved the instructions shown for new members after they sign up.
  • Fixed the Checkout page not loading correctly in certain foreign languages, such as Spanish.
  • Tax is now properly charged on prepaid print plans.
  • Resolved a bug that caused collection owners to be prompted for a password when viewing their own password-protected collections.
  • The site can now log a member in via a magic authorization token via an incoming link, debuting soon in a Pocket Pics iOS app upgrade.
  • The layout styling on mobile devices has been fixed on the merchandise products’ Add to Cart page when the product has quantity price tiers.
  • The Edit Photo panel is now automatically collapsed for the user when they invoke one of the editors.
  • CSS classes have been added to the “Empty Cart” panel on the Cart page to allow for easier customization in Umbraco for PF Enterprise sites.
  • The title text on the Search page is no longer c