PF 10.0 09/26/14.

  • Mobile photo sharing and print ordering!

This means that PF now supports a wide variety of browsers across desktop, tablet and smartphone devices — iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac OS X, Windows.  Users can upload, view and share photos and access Facebook and Instagram account photos on any browser or any device.  The mobile checkout experience has full support for discounts, promotions, service fees, product credits, account credit, and works with existing payment providers.

What we have done is add a mobile-optimized experience to the site, so if they come to the site on a browser without Silverlight, or on a tablet or Android device, they are guided to use the mobile ordering pages.  The site detects the browser and device in use, and allows them to control their path through the site.  Here are all the ways your customers can now order from you: 

  • For users accessing the site from a desktop browser with Silverlight installed, the site will look exactly like PF9 — with Silverlight-based print and creative workflows.
  • For users accessing the site from a mobile device — tablet or phone — they are automatically directed to the mobile experience.  And, if they are on an Apple mobile device using Safari, they are also given the option to order via your iPhone/iPad app.  If you have a Photo Finale Managed site, you will see a new clean and easy menu page, which gives users a quick way to order, view hours/locations, or contact you.
  • For users accessing the site from a desktop browser that does not yet have Silverlight installed, they are given the choice to use the Silverlight or the mobile (HTML5) path (like this…)

There’s nothing new for you to do, or for you to tell customers–the site handles the technical part, and when customers ask if they can order from their Android or tablet, or Mac that they don’t have Silverlight on, or iPhone or iPad… the answer is yes!