The big news for PF 10.5 is HTTPS Everywhere.  Ensuring customers’ security and privacy is a paramount responsibility for all online retailers.  With PF 10.5, Photo Finale becomes the first major photo site to offer customers 100%, always-on SSL protection.  Every byte of data transmitted between a customer’s browser and your site is safely secured with high-grade encryption.

Photo Finale sites receive a prestigious A rating from Qualys SSL Labs’ industry-standard test suite.  As an added benefit to retailers, “HTTPS Everywhere” sites receive an SEO ranking boost from Google.

Fixes & Tweaks

  • Improved Google Analytics to track all pages individually for Photo Finale Enterprise and Photo Finale Managed sites, rather than lumping them together.  Greatly enhances the visibility and actionability of the analytics for a dealer’s merchandising landing pages.
  • Added protections from framesniffing attacks by implementing X-Frame-Options HTTP header.
  • Fixed a problem in the mobile checkout workflow with the state/province and postal code fields being required for countries in which they should be optional.
  • The “mobile cookie,” set when a desktop user without Silverlight chooses to forgo installing it, is now stored as a one-time session cookie, rather than permanent cookie, to provide customers an easier ability to change their mind.
  • The /discounts page has been moved to /activediscounts.  Useful for troubleshooting promotion/discount/coupon configuration.
  • Removed the “Software Downloads” link from the footer now that the iPhoto Plugin is out of date.
  • Automatically corrects email addresses with an extraneous period (.) at the end (a surprisingly-common mistake).
  • Fixed a problem with the display of Google Maps on the mobile Pick Up page.
  • Added support for the forthcoming APM 9.6 PF@Kiosk enhancements.


PF 10.5.1, a maintenance release, was published 8/12/15 and includes:

Enhancements, Fixes & Tweaks:

  • Coupon campaign codes (aka one-time-use coupons) can now be used on the mobile checkout page
  • Greatly improved performance on the mobile prints page with large photo collections
  • The mobile Creative Style Selection page now uses a more intuitive side-panel listing of categories
  • Added support for detecting Windows 10 Edge browser and notifying customers of Silverlight support
  • Fixed province & postal code fields on the mobile checkout so that they are now optional for countries without a defined list of provinces
  • Fixed an issue that could occasionally prevent payments from being added to an order on the mobile site
  • Fixed an issue on the mobile site with Google Maps zoomed in all the way
  • Fixed a problem with the mobile photo uploader whereby drag & drop uploads would fail if an upload size was not selected first
  • Fixed a bug that was sometimes preventing the collections to load on the mobile site
  • Fixed a problem on the mobile checkout page where customer field lengths weren’t being validated correctly
  • Fixed several untranslated French strings on the mobile site
  • Fixed a problem that prevented iOS Smart Banners from being displayed when the Pocket Pics app had a 10-digit app ID
  • The mobile site header no longer displays a “Create” button on sites that do not offer creative products