This post covers PF releases 10.4, 10.4.5, 10.4.6, 10.4.7 and 10.4.8.

PF 10.4 (2/6/15)

  • Search results now include occasion categories (e.g. “Baby”, “Graduation”, “School”, “Easter”, etc.).
  • Changing the quantity of a bundled product (photo book & cover) is now correctly applied to both the parent product and the hidden child product.
  • In the rare circumstances where order submission fails, any payments which have been charged will now be refunded automatically and immediately.
  • Fixes for intermittent problems with Facebook photos in orders, particularly creative products.
  • The Fit-to-page option is now saved correctly on the mobile site.
  • Support for accessing PicMonkey when the customer is browsing via HTTPS.
  • Fixed problem with a trailing forward-slash character at the end of a /create URL on the mobile site causing the page to not load.

PF 10.4.5 (4/15/15)

  • Added support for forthcoming PF@Kiosk receipt printing functionality on the APM.
  • New “Chrome Support Options” page for Chrome users due to the NPAPI plugin disabling in Chrome 34.
  • Added a support for enhanced, per-product integration with affiliate tracking and analytics sites.
  • Fixed the item delete button on the mobile shopping cart page.
  • Removed order details from the mobile order confirmation page to improve data privacy.
  • Removed personally-identifiable information from the mobile order status page, unless the order belongs to the logged-in user.
  • Fixed a problem with the “Not available for pickup” information box displaying on the checkout page for certain shipping-only dealers.
  • Removed the “Friends” and “New Album” functionality from Facebook.  These will no longer be supported by Facebook as of April 31st.
  • Configuration change to prevent the “aspxerrorpath” parameter from being added to error URLs automatically by .NET to reduce the risk of DoS attacks.
  • Updated the TrustWave seal to reflect our latest PCI certification.

PF 10.4.6 (4/21/15)

  • Enhanced support for “Google Mobile-Friendly Search”, including updates to the sitemap.xml generated for dealer sites to include the appropriate alternate page for mobile devices, as well as establishing canonical & alternative link references on the site pages to map between equivalent mobile and desktop pages.
  • Desktop browsers (i.e. Chrome) hitting a site’s homepage are no longer redirected to the mobile homepage, even when running in mobile mode.
  • Google Maps are now being displayed consistently on mobile store location pages.
  • The mobile store locations pages have an improved algorithm for converting store names into canonical mobile location URLs, matching what is done on the traditional store locations pages.
  • Tapping on the dealer logo in the mobile page header now redirects to the site homepage, as it always has in the traditional header.
  • The layout of the mobile Style Selection page has been improved, including larger style preview thumbnails.
  • Fixed a bug that was intermixing the print categories on the mobile site for Rockbrook Camera.

PF 10.4.7 (4/28/15)

  • Fixes printing of PF@Kiosk receipts with non-English Photo Finale sites.
  • Added “My Photos” and “My Projects” links to the mobile header for members, and a “Saved Projects” link for anonymous users.
  • Fixed redirect loop when the site was accessed by the Googlebot mobile indexer.

PF 10.4.8 (5/15/15)

  • Feedback messages sent by consumers on the site are now forwarded directly to the dealer’s support representatives designed in the Dealer Contacts section on myLab.


  • The 10MB limit for mobile uploads has been fixed and increased to 50MB.


  • Removed the sign-in popup, for security purposes. Sign-in is now exclusively handled on the /signin page.
  • Removed Aviary from the creative product builder where it accidentally remained.
  • Fixed problem with the “Cancel” button on the mobile uploader being unresponsive.
  • Added userId tracking to Google Analytics.
  • Removed “friends_photos” and “publish_stream” from our permissions requests to Facebook — no longer used by us nor allowed by FB.
  • Added the newly-confirmed “AppleBot” to our list of recognized search bots.