Fixes & Improvements:

  • Enhancements to improve Facebook login authorization, including support for new login notifications settings.
  • Revamped cropping code for full support of all three cropping modes, including synchronization between the Cropping and Review Photos screens.
  • Updates to the Folio content spec to allow a folio product to output individual photos at full resolution, but cropped as seen in the design-time view.
  • Fixes for the Add Text to Photo functionality, which was being mis-sized and mis-positioned when a photo was cropped.
  • Fixes printing of folio products with the Noritsu DPOF printer, which had been causing “out of memory” errors in PrintServer.
  • Fixes order creation failures caused by photos with invalid capture dates embedded in their EXIF data.
  • Fixes to the auto-update functionality (which keeps the APM up-to-date with the latest Facebook DLL and EQ Gifting product list) to recognize download errors and not overwrite good files with bad.
  • Fixes crash on the Single Photo screen when the “Secondary Monitor Support” feature is on, but there isn’t a second monitor.
  • Fixes several possible crashes in the Lab 50 integration code and webservices.
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