APM 9.7.1 was released on November 3, 2016 and includes:

  • Migrated codebase to .NET 4.6.1. The APM Kiosk now requires Windows 7 SP1 or higher.
  • Resolved occasional “image unavailable” issues when uploading a lot of photos in the PF@Kiosk workflow.
  • Fixed issue with the Task Bar appearing on top of the kiosk interface after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update has been installed.
  • Added support for a PF@Kiosk-only mode, configurable via the Setup Wizard.
  • Incorporated code to prevent the kiosks from timing out during a long WiFi photo transfer (i.e. lots of photos).
  • Improved folio rendering quality when using rotated photos.
  • Fixed possible rounding issues during folio rendering, which could result in unsightly single-pixel white lines between photos.
  • Fixed loading of abnormal photos that indicate they have an alpha layer when they actually don’t.
  • Fixed small memory leak related to the splash screen in Kiosk.exe.
  • Resolved a race condition regarding LogManager lifetime which could result in a crash during application shutdown.
  • Upgraded embedded Stripe SDK for at-kiosk payment processing.
  • Added line item pricing breakdown to the order XML generated.
  • Attempts to load Registry values from multiple locations — HKEY_CURRENT_USER first, followed by HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE — to facilitate using Registry keys set during the installer/updater which may be run under a different user account and therefore not have access to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER node used by the kiosk user.
  • Added a new utility, RegWriter.exe, that can be used to make required Registry changes.
  • Added support for using an out-of-process automation server for ad-hoc WiFi network creation to allow the kiosk to be run under a hardened, low-privilege account.

APM 9.7.0 was released on March 15, 2016 and is full of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Enhanced Print Preview

When the print size ordered does not match the aspect of the paper, users are shown exactly where the image will be trimmed and can make adjustments to ensure critical portions of the picture are not lost.  The enhanced print review screen in 9.7 now has drag handles in the corners to allow customers to grab and easily crop photo directly from that screen, as well as a new rotate-crop button that allows landscape crops from portrait photos and vice-versa.

APM 9.7 Enhanced Print Review

Security Splash Screen

New full-screen splash screen — improved graphics, full version/revision information, loading progress display and it blocks unwanted customer access to the Windows operating system while the kiosk is loading.

APM 9.7 Splash Screen