Order Status & Tracking — an enhanced tracking system integrated across web & production platforms, featuring:

  • Lab 50: Tracking at the individual product level.  Every product within an order is now tracked at key production points  — when the order is placed, received/downloaded, printed, and shipped/complete (with optional tracking number).
  • Lab 50: Station Location selection screen.  Upon first-time log in to Lab 50 8.3 via computer, you’ll be prompted to select the “Station Location.”  All activity performed by this Lab 50 (downloading, printing and completing orders) will be tagged and attributed to this location for tracking purposes.


  • Lab 50:The selected Station Location is displayed in the Lab 50 toolbar, and can be changed in the future by clicking on it.


  • Lab 50:A new “Add Tracking Number” option is available in Lab 50.  It can be accessed in the toolbar (as seen above), or by right-clicking on an order.  Use a shipping carrier that’s not on the list?  Just email support to add it.  If an order has multiple tracking numbers (for different products in the order) individual tracking numbers can be set by right-clicking on a specific line item in the Details pane of the Order view.


  • myLab:  A new “Fulfillment” page on myLab enables retailers to:
    • enter an order number (manually) or scan the new barcode (using a keyboard-wedge scanner) on an invoice and the page recognizes it and loads the order data.  You don’t even have to hit “Enter” or click any buttons to begin the process.
    • manually enter or scan to enter a tracking number for each line item.  In most cases, myLab will automatically figure out which carrier is used.
    • set which Fulfillment Station completed production.
    • update the order status as “Mark Shipped” or, for in-store pickup orders, “Mark Complete”


  • myLab: Order Tracking.  myLab will now show detailed information about an order’s status including when it was placed by the customer; when and at which Fulfillment Station the order was received (downloaded), printed, and completed; and any supplied tracking number(s).  For split orders with multiple tracking numbers, tracking for each batch of products is shown.


  • myLab: Customer tracking on Photo Finale. Consumers can track orders via the Track Order page or via the Order History page in My Account (if they’re members).  Tracking number(s) with links to fetch the package status will be shown.


  • Lab 50: New email macros.  The “Order Shipped” email event now supports two new email macros to include a customer’s order number in the email.  The macros are {%order_tracking_number%} for plain text emails and {%order_tracking_number_html%} for HTML-format emails.

Lab 50 & myLab: Distributed Caching — a sophisticated, new, distributed caching server architecture enables all store changes made by your operators in Lab 50 and myLab (pricing, discounts, coupons, taxes, shipping rates, locations, etc.) to be reflected to customers online within just 20 minutes.  Infrequently-accessed dealer sites will also see faster initial load times.

Photo Finale: Large Collection Support – consumers can now easily access collections with up to 2,000 photos each on Photo Finale.

Photo Finale: Redesigned photo uploader.   The new design features a full-page display of photo thumbnails for easier selection while enhanced multithreading improves performance by up to 25% and displays a more accurate countdown of time remaining to complete the upload.


Photo Finale: Pay with Stripe.com.  We’ve had a number of dealers beta-testing Stripe payment processing for a few months, and we are happy to now open this up to all dealers.  Stripe offers a quick and easy merchant account sign-up process, with no auditing or financial disclosure required, and simple, flat pricing similar to PayPal — 2.9% + 30¢ (independent of card type).  Stripe can process payments for US and Canadian retailers, and unlike PayPal, Stripe payment processing does not require the customer to leave your PF site to pay.  Customers simply fill in their credit card number, expiration date, and security code directly on the checkout page, for an easier and less error-prone experience.  Stripe.com setup instructions can be found on our wiki.


Photo Finale:Fulfillment Zone Order Routing (US only) — ability to route web shipping orders to a specific store for fulfillment & shipping based on ZIP code ranges, to minimize shipping cost and time to the customer.  Fulfillment zones are configured via myLab in the Store Management section.

Photo Finale: Change Project Style — support for changing styles on existing creative projects, even after they’ve been saved.

Photo Finale: Instagram Reborn!   Our revamped Instagram service accommodates the API changes they made in December which took the service offline.  And, it’s back better than ever: as an added bonus, Photo Finale can now access a user’s entire Instagram collection (previously limited to just the last 60 shots).  Dealers who have not yet purchased the Instagram license for their site can do so online via myLab –> Store Management –> Component Licensing for $99.


Fixes & Tweaks

  • PF: Users are now required to actively select the correct location when multiple cities are available within a given zip code- rather than first location defaulting.
  • PF: When a customer has applied an order discount larger than their current order, the remaining amount is no longer erroneously shown in the “Account Credit” box for the customer. [14366]
  • PF: Ability to control the number of store locations that show per batch in the Checkout page “store finder”. Allows customization for dealers that have 6-10 stores and would like them all displayed at once.
  • PF: Better logging for Authorize.Net transactions to help troubleshoot errors.
  • PF: Improved arrow-key nudging to work with the grid system introduced in PF 9.1.
  • PF: Duplicate entries added for Canada and United Kingdom to the top of the country lists on the Checkout page for easier access for these common choices. [14526]
  • PF: The site will no longer add a “/default.aspx” to the URL when hitting the start page.
  • PF: The /reset page will now clear a user’s Instagram token.
  • PF: Updated French, Spanish, and Japanese localizations.
  • Lab 50: Windows 8 support.  Note, if using Lab 50 on Windows 8, the .NET Framework 4.5 is included with Windows 8 and installed on your computer with the operating system. However, the .NET Framework 3.5 is not automatically installed with Windows 8. Before installing Lab 50, you must enable version 3.5 on your computer. See here for directions: http://wiki.lucidiom.com/x/eIC9Aw
  • Lab 50: The default printed invoice now includes a barcode of the order number.
  • Lab 50: Web orders will now be sent to the PrintServer with the correct fulfillment type (“pickup” or “mail”) which allows more accurate use of the fulfillment setting.  Dealers who prefer all web orders being sent to PrintServer with a “pickup” fulfillment type can email support@lucidiom.com for information on restoring the previous functionality.
  • Lab 50: The list of available coupon code is now alphabetized on the Discounts & Promotions editing screen.
  • Lab 50: Will now display “Source: Pocket Pics” for orders from iOS devices, rather than “Source: Web”.
  • Lab 50: Option to cancel printing during processing now available. [14441]
  • Lab 50: New “Mark as Printed,” “Mark as Cancelled,” “Mark as Complete,” and “Add Tracking Number” options in the right-click context menu of items in the Details list.
  • Lab 50: Fixed occasional “Order Processing” warnings caused by third-party software (such as virus scanners) temporarily locking  the image files.
  • Lab 50: Updated French and Japanese localizations.
  • myLab: New”Product ID”