Lab 50 and Print 50 v9.5.3 (11/22/17) 

  • Shrinks font size down for single-line text when the text is longer than the available text box by less then 15%.
  • Fixes more severe single-line text issues, when the designated box is insufficient by more than 15%, by applying our own word-wrapping.
  • Ignores preceding and trailing empty lines in the line-breaking data captured by the browser if they do not also exist in the text element itself.

Download from myLab

Lab 50 and Print 50 v9.5.2 (11/17/17) 

  • Fixes rendering text in The Great Escape and Player fonts.
  • Fixes rendering of Adobe Garamond when italicized.
  • Fixes issue occasionally cutting off the last character or two on the end of the longest line in a block of text.
  • Adds support for transparent PNGs as user photos, properly compositing them on top of other photos and background elements, with full support for rotation.
  • Adds the ability to apply our own word-wrapping algorithm when custom line-spacing is requested but no word-wrapping data was captured in the browser when the project was created.
  • Adds a fail-safe fallback mechanism when the browser-supplied word-wrapping data appears invalid and would result in cut-off text.
  • Adds support for 8-bit PNGs with transparency specified in their palette.

Lab 50 and Print 50 v9.5.1 (11/07/17) 

  • Support for Image USB Fulfillment.
  • Improvements in FolioServer project rendering for text.