Lab 50

Version – November 11th, 2016 

  • NEW FEATURE! Rush Order Charges. The “Rush Order” option is selectable by customers on the Checkout Options page. In Lab 50, you can set the title (e.g. “Rush Order”, “Expedite Processing”, “Priority Printing”, etc.), description and price charged when an order is rushed. Rushed orders will show up in Lab 50 & Print 50 with a special indicator, will print a “priority” stamp on the invoice, and can trigger a notification email to lab operators.
  • Eliminated the faint shadows drawn around photo borders while rendering creative products for a cleaner, more modern look.

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Lab 50

Version – October 14th, 2016 

  • Updated Print dialogs in Lab 50 and Print 50 to ensure product bundles (book & cover) are printed sequentially with their pair.
  • Folio products without any customer-applied photos can now be successfully rendered and output when the product is configured to be exported to a folder.
  • Allows Lab 50 and Print 50 to import kiosk orders that contain products not specifically enabled in the dealer’s product catalogs.
  • Resolved an issue that would prevent order items from being printed if they were deselected for output during a previous printing.
  • Fixed NullReferenceException during invoice printing in certain configurations.

Lab 50

Version – August 26th, 2016

  • Added the Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 package to the installer; it is necessary on some machines in order for the Color Flow components to work.
  • Fixed an issue with the new functionality to override the default print surface names (“glossy” & “matte”) that appear on invoices printed by Lab 50 / Print 50.

Lab 50 9.2.0

Version 9.2.0 – August 5th, 2016

Lab 50 (including Print 50) 9.2 was released August 5, 2016 and is full of new features, improvements and bug fixes. The software update is available for download from

Tax Exempt

Tax Exempt Orders. By popular request, support for tax-exempt orders is now available. Tax exemption is configured as a newly-available award type in the Promotion Details screen.

This provides flexibility in the way that you offer tax exemption:

  • Create a multi-use (shared) promo code that you provide to all tax-exempt customers. They enter the code each time they check out and are granted the tax exemption.
  • Create a batch of one-time-use promo codes that can be given individually to customers, so a unique code is required to enable tax exemption with each order.
  • Create a new Membership Plan for tax-exempt customers and assign a tax-exemption discount to it. Every order placed by any user of this membership will be tax exempt. You can choose to make this a publicly-available plan for customers to choose at signup, or make it an “in-store membership” which means that it is hidden from customers and can only be assigned to a user by store staff. Once a customer certifies their ta