save, open, copy projects you have made

Save your project to come back to later

One of the most powerful features of this site is the ability to save projects.  A user can start a book, save it and return later to complete it.  Not only that, but she can save it, order it, copy it, edit the copy and order it.

Real life examples

Smart Son makes the perfect “First Grandson” book for his mom. Smart Son save his book and places an order for one. Ah! So cute! It is so wonderful and produces so many happy-tears that he logs back in, clicks “My Projects” on the site, copies the book, makes a few edits here and there–ta-da! Another book is ready to order for his mother-in-law. Bonus points with the ol’ MIL.

Then, because he is getting plenty of sleep and his wife is not, Smart Son morphs into Genius Husband–he copies the book again, tweaks it here and there, even adds a poem he wrote (he is that good) and wraps it up and gives it to his wife.

Peter T., aka Smart Son
Patricia is the self-appointed photo historian of the family. She takes hundreds of photos of her own family each month and posts them on Instagram and Facebook, as does her family.

In January, Patricia starts a book, and at the end of each month, opens the saved project, pulls a few of the best photos from her massive collection on the site, plus any photos she pulls (also through the PF site) from her own or her family members’ FB or IG accounts.

At the end of the year, she finishes off December’s pages in time for Christmas, and orders copies of the books for presents.

Patricia S., aka Thoughtful Archivist