NEW! Premium Bundles for Photo Finale

Customize your PF site with additional features and functionality that make sense for your business. We have two bundles available.

User Enhancements Bundle (Subscription), from $15/mo

Add some bells and whistles to your site’s user experience! This bundle adds features your customers will love. It doubles the maximum file size from 20 MB to 40 MB, adds the desktop photo editing tools, encourages users to upload higher res photos by removing the “Small Size” upload option (leaving Medium and Original) and keeps the SMS order completion notification service (for Ready for Pickup & Order Shipped) running after the end of the year. As a bonus for dealers, we have included a few upgrades in this pack for you, too: get all future iPhone app upgrades at no charge and when we release the new kiosk in 2020 you will get the “text-to-upload” feature for free.

  • Larger uploads. Double the maximum file size customers can upload from 20 MB to 40 MB per image.
  • Adds the photo editor for desktop browsers, featuring 7 great tools: Transform, Filters, Adjust, Text, Focus, Text Design, and Overlays. Text Design includes 16 great templates for creative type expression.
  • Removes the “Small Size” upload size from the site uploader.
  • SMS order completion notifications for users.
  • Free future iPhone app upgrades (requires initial app purchase).
  • Free “text-to-upload” feature (coming in the new 2020 kiosk software).

Shipment & Delivery Master Bundle (Subscription), from $15/mo

This set of features is designed for dealers who want more control managing shipments to consumers and to/from wholesale outlabs. This pack adds postal address verification (US & Canada) to the website, real-time shipment tracking, and a new set of notification emails (delivery notification, wholesale shipment notification and wholesale delivery notification). You can rest easy knowing where packages are going and when they arrive.

  • Postal address verification for US & Canada. Automatic validation and correction of common errors. Identification of missing apartment/suite numbers, invalid street numbers, undeliverable addresses, and more. Automatic ZIP+4 encoding. Depending upon the error condition reported, after 2 or 3 validation warnings customers are allowed to bypass.
  • Delivery notification email. Customers receive a notification email when packages from their order are delivered (either from your dealer or an outlab supplier).
  • Wholesale shipment notification email. Notification to your lab operators when an outlab ships a package to your store.
  • Wholesale delivery notification email. Notification to your lab operators when outlab packages arrive at your store.
  • Real-time shipment tracking (coming soon in myLab: view current location/status of a package, as well as its waypoint history).

Subscription rates are based on average online/mobile sales through the PF platform. Contact your sales rep for rates and more information.

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