PF v12.6.3 (02/20/2018)

  • Fixed uploading issue in Safari desktop and mobile browsers that resulted in image data from one photo being copied to multiple photos during an upload batch.

PF v12.6.2 (02/15/2018)

  • The billing information fields on the Checkout Payment page are once again pre-populated for existing, logged-in members with saved data.
  • Member account credits are now properly shown and deducted from a customer’s cart online.
  • Ensure that standard Proofing Gallery sites will redirect to the /events page automatically on mobile devices.
  • Fixed problems accessing photos from social media providers from the web prints and creative workflows.
  • The “Full Bleed” cropping option is now designated as the recommended option.
  • Improved the layouts of the site’s 404 (file-not-found) and 500 (server error) pages.
  • Updated the /platform page to override Umbraco-based templates that prevent easy access to select & copy text (i.e. a Basket Identifier) from the page.
  • Fixed error verifying passwords for protected Proofing Gallery events.

PF v12.6 (02/08/2018)

  • Revamped the site’s communication with the API to improve performance, capacity, and security. Requests now transmit directly from the client’s browser to our API servers, avoiding the previous web server proxy gateway. The front-end’s responsiveness and resiliency was further enhanced by implementing quick failures with exponential-backoff retry logic for all API requests that encounter transient errors.
  • Fixed order confirmation emails so that book products with additional pages ordered show the correct unit price (to include the additional page upcharge).
  • The store locations list on the /stores page is now properly sorted alphabetically by state/province, city and store name.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from successfully logging into their web account if they had recently logged into the iOS or Android app first.
  • The order submission time is now shown in the user’s local time zone on the Order Confirmation page.
  • When accessing a standard Proofing Gallery site on a mobile device, it now properly redirects to the /events page.
  • Moved payment authorization/capture to the very end of the order submission process, after other validation is complete, to minimize the number of payment voids/refunds needed when the order does not get submitted.
  • Added support for an optional “Company” field on the Shipping Info page of the Checkout workflow.
  • If enabled in the site’s product catalog, the new Image USB product is now properly offered and described on the Checkout Options page.
  • Added a Retry button on the Upload page for a user to reattempt the upload if a photo fails initially.
  • The Checkout Payment page is no longer defaulting to PayPal (instead of Pay-in-Store) for some dealers.
  • The Password Reset page no longer becomes locked when the email address entered by a user is not found.
  • Lots of under-the-hood refactoring, migration to TypeScript, and library updates.
  • The Product Credits displayed on the shopping cart page (/cart) are now updated in real-time as the user makes edits to the quantity values, removing the need to refresh the page in order to see the updated values.
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