APM v10.0 (September/October 2017)


10/9/17 – The current beta version is v10.0.0.6, and can be downloaded from this link: https://secure.photofinale.com/support/downloads/APM_10.0.0.6_Updater.exe

  • Coming in
    • Updates to UK and Canadian passport templates
  • Changes since (10/3/17):
    • Improved the layout of the instructions page for claiming photos sent via Upload To Kiosk, making the instructions more concise and better delineating the guest WiFi network name and password and/or Pocket Pics app name.
    • The Shopping Cart screen now shows the correct icon for an Image USB product in a customer’s cart. [17722]
    • Fixed a bug that would erroneously set the Image CD or DVD checkbox when returning to the Order Options screen from the Shopping Cart screen if an Image USB had been ordered. [17719]
  • Changes since (9/29/17):
    • Consumer-friendly names are now displayed for the various cache folders in the Filter by Folder popup. [17713]
    • Fixed crash when adding Image USB product when product does not exist in apmconfig_products.xml. [17715]
    • Fixed automatic adding of Image USB and DVD products when enabling them in the Setup Wizard “Image CD/DVD/USB Settings” screen. [17715, 17674]
    • Increased the height of the Kiosk Settings panel in the Setup Wizard so all items are visible without scrolling. [17716]
  • Changes since (9/29/17):
    • Fixes element creation in the order XML while building an order, an issue introduced in [17714]
    • Added the ability to specify your guest WiFi network name and password (if required) in the Setup Wizard, which is then displayed to the customer in the instructions. [17704]
    • Fixes the XMLMigrator overwriting the name of the store’s iOS app. If you had installed, you may need to set this value again in the Setup Wizard. [17709]
    • Added a checkbox in the Setup Wizard to make it more explicit whether or not the Rush Order Option is enabled. [17710]
  • Changes since and (9/22/17):
    • Brand new multi-core image importer that speeds up photo loading by a significant amount (detailed benchmarks pending).
    • Prevents the “Rush Order” label from appearing on the receipt unless it really is a rush order.
    • Fixed missing row selection buttons on Thumbnail page after returning from Single Photo page.
    • Fixed the image transition swipe direction on the Single Photo page when hitting the View Next button.
    • Optimized initialization and initial display of the Thumbnail page, especially when a lot of print products are being offered.
    • Fixes progress text being cut off in the splash screen during the optional content resizing process.
    • Removed old, deprecated SimpleIR infrared code that was causing crashes on some machines.

APM v10 New Features

  • HEIF support. HEIF is the image format Apple introduced recently in iOS 11. APM v10 handles the format, as will the most recent release (4.1) of your iPhone ordering app. For more details on how HEIF is handled on each of the Photo Finale platform products, read this page: https://wiki.photofinale.com/x/DQCLBg
  • Universal mobile uploader. This feature allows your users to upload photos from their Apple or Android devices into the kiosk, then order prints and products from those photos. You do not need a license, cable or special app (although your iPhone/iPad ordering app v4.1 has a new button to facilitate uploads). The user types in a website on the phone (or uses the button in your app), selects photos, enters a code to tie the upload to the kiosk, and photos are copied to the kiosk for ordering. Setup and demo available here: https://wiki.photofinale.com/x/BICPBg
  • Save to USB. A feature requested by dealers, this addition allows users to select photos for digital delivery on a USB stick. You configure the USB size, price and other options. A new Lab 50 feature enables easy USB delivery. Setup info here: https://wiki.photofinale.com/x/I4CPBg
  • Rush fee. Recently added to Photo Finale online, the rush fee allows users to opt to pay extra for speedier service. It works as it does for the website – you set the name of the service, description and amount. If you have not tried this online, do it this holiday season! We had a number of dealers do very well with it… fees ranged from $2.99 to $20.  View the setup screen here: https://wiki.photofinale.com/x/vABXAw

More details coming soon!

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